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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Mrs. Chen


Book One: Black Tiger

Thief…murderer…kidnapper…Mrs. Chen is all this and more, including philanthropist and developer of cures to multiple diseases. Right now, she needs the help of cutting edge technology, and there is one man who can give it to her…

Jonathan Chesterfield is a twenty-fourth century tech prodigy who discovers a naturally occurring phenomenon and develops a vehicle which allows him to travel backwards in time. When she gets wind of his new invention, Mrs. Chen infiltrates his company, steals his tech, and strands him in early eighteenth century China with no hope of return. With nothing but a few coins and a sack lunch, he is forced to make his fortune in a foreign world, while gathering clues left by a mysterious benefactor seemingly working against Mrs. Chen to help him get back home.


Book Two: Queen of Freedom

In the blink of an eye, Jonathan has disappeared, and with him, Samantha and her daughter, Charlie’s, hopes for returning home. Forced to accept her new reality, and with all her local enemies vanquished, Sam turns her attention to securing Charlie’s future. They pack up their things and head to England, where Sam fights the effects of a broken heart with a new quest.

Jonathan arrives home, worse for the wear, but determined to get back to Sam. His hopes are dashed when Mrs. Chen escapes, his office is ransacked, and all of his data, including Jasper, are destroyed. Now he must start from scratch, hoping beyond hope that he can overcome the fault in his TimePod’s time navigation so he can come and go as he pleases, and return to the only woman he’s ever loved.

Book Three:  The Librarian

After years apart, Jonathan and Samantha are reunited at last, but their dealings with the elusive Mrs. Chen have not come to an end. Cassie is now in Mrs. Chen's custody, her future uncertain as Samantha tries to adjust to a new life in the twenty-fourth century. To make matters worse, Jonathan begins to show signs of a dreaded degenerative mental condition known as Cerefugi’s Syndrome. His only hope is to check into a mysterious medical facility known only as “The Library,” but he refuses, knowing it will leave Sam alone in a strange world with no guarantee he can ever be cured. As the disease progresses, Samantha takes matters into her own hands, starting a chain of events that could lead to their salvation, or total destruction.

 Pockets Full of Posey

Still reeling from the plague that took his family, Graelen Johnston is desperate to find company. Being captured and held prisoner by reclusive eccentric, Max Murphy, is not exactly what he had in mind. When the two find themselves up against a common enemy, they join forces and find friendship, adventure, and love in the most unexpected of places.

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