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Sound of the Sunset

Forty-year-old widow, Prea Pearson nearly sacrifices her life when she and her children are savagely attacked by a bear during a mountain hike. A mysterious stranger, Giancarlo Balducci, a handsome Italian doctor, intervenes, and she is left alive, but bearing scars that go much deeper than her skin. When Giancarlo disappears without a trace, Prea is disappointed not to be able to express her gratitude, but with physical rehabilitation and two kids to raise on her own, she has more important things to think about. A chance meeting, or maybe a little help from above, reunites them, but Prea finds that she might rather face the bear again than put her heart on the line. Follow Prea as her world is turned upside down as she struggles with physical disability, faces a history of abuse and neglect, and finds a love that truly looks within.

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